juan angel navarro

In June 2016 the composer concluded the creation of a new symphonic work based on the experiences of the survivors of the tragic plane crash in the mountain range of the Andes in 1972, the Symphony of the Andes. (For seeing the Scores, please contact the composer)


Symphony of the South Atlantic (2012) for modern symphony orchestra, tenor, soprano and mixed choir in memory of the fallen ones in the armed conflict between Argentina and Great Britain in 1982 with texts of the poet and war veteran Gustavo Caso Rosendi whose critical, realistic and also pacifist vision, nourished the inspiration that gave shape to this composition.




Mov.Nr. I "Himno en la Escuela" SCORE PDF Download 

Mov.Nr. II "Sanos y Salvos" SCORE PDF Download

Mov.Nr. III "Los Sobremurientes" SCORE PDF Download

Mov.Nr. IV "Final" SCORE PDF Download



Canciones en Memoria de Jorge Luis Borges (2010) (CD-Auryn Editions 2016)

Cycle for soprano, quintet for piano and strings, with texts of the poet Erna A. Lengert in homage to the great Argentine writer.  





Ode for Martin Fierro (2009), cantata for baritone, soprano, and mezzo-soprano, two guitars, three cellos, pianoforte and double bass with texts by Jose Hernandez (1834-1886). In this setting to music of the epic Argentine poem the roughness of the gaucho language of M. Fierro is fused with fully developed lyrical vocalization and the quality of a composition constructed with the tools of erudite music that reflects aspects typical of Argentine folklore.


Listening samples (CD Published 2010) 




Eternal Elements of Our Existence (2004-2006) for soprano, mezzo-soprano, cellos, double bass, timpani and piano. With texts of J. W. von Goethe, Arnulf von Löwen, and texts of the composer himself which shed light on the universal drama of life: war, pain, exile, freedom and love.


Listening samples (CD Published 2008)